Review: Spitfire Anglo Sunglasses + Free People Movie


What’s a girl to do without a sassy pair of sunglasses, seriously? Personally, I believe the 60’s were the pinnacle of foxy statement glasses… John Lennon’s inspiring circle frames, the CAT EYE! I don’t know about you but grabbing a pair of interesting sunglasses is a great way to avoid wearing makeup. They bring contrast and charm to your face without the whole shaky eyeliner and mediocre eye shadow ordeal every morning. In many cases, they make you look better by proportioning your face beautifully.

Spitfire, an enterprising brand, that designs glorious sunglasses, headphones, and MP3 players. You could say this brand is the epitome of hipster, but what is hipster anyway? Their MP3 players are designed to look like old cassette tapes, the over the ear headphones are archaically designed, and the eye frames are retro inspired with a contemporary twist. Their collection corresponds amiably with the dynamic designs seen on runways across the world.

I just bought my first pair of Spitfire frames on shopwasteland and to be honest I was blown away by the quality.  I wasn’t expecting a sturdy frame for the price I had paid. The catty frame features rose-gold hardware on the top half and an acrylic lower frame. The green lens (100% UV protection) does a substantial job protecting my eyes. These glasses are my new obsession, they add statement and class to any styled outfit complementing my face shape nicely (perfect for round faces).

also, if you have any extra time you should check out this really cool short film series by Free People! I’m quite a big fan of their collections and their lookbooks inspire me significantly.

Fashion Profile: Nina Mills


Hello everyone, I’m beginning a new series where I photograph and write about different styles! This is a great way for me to get a new face on my blog as well as new ideas, trends, and body types!  Pictured in these photos is Nina Mills. Nina’s beautiful feminine taste translates flawlessly into this year’s spring trends. Coral is still a great color to flaunt this season and it’s even grander contrasted with a black tone. Coral also looks fantastic with medium to dark skin tones, it enhances her stunning features. I love the casual draping silhouette Nina’s boyfriend shirt and high low midi skirt creates. Of course I love her nude wedges, you can never go wrong with a nude shoe! When in doubt go for a nude wedge or sandal because of its elongating illusion to the legs and effortless vibe. This look is great for a night out with friends, graduation party, or a day in town! 

Night Out


This was actually a look I wore quite some time ago for a Passion Pit and Matt & Kim concert but this look can be worn throughout spring and summer for evening wear and such. My favorite thing to do with black is pair it with other textured blacks and a good denim piece. My turtle neck is actually pretty shear (so I’d never wear this during the day) so I wore a black bralette underneath. Along with the black top I chose some homemade acid wash high wasted shorts. To continue with my black theme I wore shredded sheer tights and black knee socks for dimension. Adding different shades and textures of black can make a boring outfit look more interesting. I belted my waste with yet another black piece, I really love the gold accent hardware on the buckle. To end it all I just wore some black strappy platforms to elongate my legs and really just finish it off.

Turtle Neck – BCBG

Bra – Urban Outfitters

Shorts – DIY thrifted etc.

Belt – TJ Maxx

Tights – Target

Socks – Target

Shoes – Kenneth Cole


Cobalt Blue Velvet


Cobalt blue is a great way to accent your spring outfits this year, it really stands out against most colors especially white. I’ve always been really attached to my jean vests, the versatility of a good denim vest is unreal. A great way to make a denim vest more season appropriate is bleach it white, or just buy a white vest :). Sandy colors are also trending this spring, the beige leather detailing on my pants corresponds with the trend nicely. I just threw on my trustee white high sleeks to tie up the outfit. I love how the stark white shoes and vest glow against the setting sun, and rolling colors of my shirt and pants. The leather and velvet fabric on my shirt add great dimension against white, as well as add texture and interest.

Top – Thrifted

Vest – Thrifted

Pants – BCBG

Shoes – ADIDAS

Necklace – Forever 21

Bracelet – Mom’s

Spring Is Here


        I’m welcoming spring with open arms. Although Fall and Winter are by far my favorite seasons to style for… the warm weather, blooming flowers, and hopeful attitudes have really brightened my spirits. As most of my readers know, I’m not one for bright colors. My edgy, darker, androgynous style steers clear of feminine hues and silhouettes. Recently however, I’ve decided to stretch myself style wise and experiment with more girly and flirty pieces, why not? Trying new things never hurt! In this ensemble I’m wearing a beautifully textured velvet forest green turtle neck, I chose this top for a more alternative flip on spring trends. Velvet isn’t too common in the spring. I chose this equally dark (but feminine flow) skirt with small floral detailing. Crochet and lace detailing is all the rage this season so I decided to incorporate this trend on my feet! My socks are shear with opaque pokadots along the footing as well as a band of lace on the top. It’s a great way to add interest and femininity. My shoes! Ah! Everyone look at these shoes! Forever I’ve wanted a pair of quirky bowling shoes, I researched and looked high and low for a reasonably priced pair (if you’ve ever looked bowling shoes range from $300-400.) I was so lucky to have come across these perfectly fitting sneaks at a thrift store near by!

Shirt – Gap

Skirt – Mom’s

Socks – Free People

Shoes – Thrift

Jewelry- Thrift

Belt – Chicago boutique… (?)

Quick OOTD

For many of you, spring flowers, temperatures, and style is already here. But for me I’ve still got a few weeks to go.  Today I went along with basic layering, beginning with a basketball jersey layered with a denim vest and bat winged sweater atop the two. I chose the basketball jersey because I thought it’d act as a good transitional piece from winter to spring, its light jersey material can easily  be layered as well as stand alone. My trusty denim is a no brainer, it’s there to act as contrast and texture under my thick and wavy sweater. I adore the bat winged sleeves to this sweater because it’s not something you see too often on a heavy piece. I left my bottom half monochromatic and simple with just some small suede trouser shorts and black tights. If you look closely you can also see that I’m wearing black trouser socks. Bonobel boots laced around the ankles to finish the look as well as contribute to the casual flow

Denim vest – DIY thrift

Sweater – Urban Outfitters

Jersey – Brother’s

Shorts – H&M

Tights – Target

Boots – Bonobel (amazon)






Recently I discovered this AMAZING app called “Bloglovin”. Basically it’s a website and itunes application that helps you easily and efficiently read your favorite blogger’s posts from different platforms all on one news feed! I found this too good to be true as I know many of you don’t have your own WordPress accounts! If this is something that interests you google ” Bloglovin’ ” OR download the app titled “Bloglovin” on itunes, make an account, and find all of your favorite blogs! If you’d like a direct link to my own blogger profile, click here.

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do!

- Claire